Controlling the food supply chain is the most important issue of your process as required by NVWA and several food quality and safety standards.
The NVWA issued depending on the different types of businesses information sheet “64” and “65”, stipulating specific information of all suppliers in this chain involved. Information sheet “64” is focused particularly on the purchase of raw materials whereas information sheet “65” is focused on the process of fished food products. 
The stipulated requirements are the same as the demands of the GFSI-standards: FSSC 22000, BRC and IFS.
Implication for the companies involved:
The companies are obliged to request information of their business partners involved in the food process concerning risk analysis of the product used and the used production process. It also requires information regarding safety measures taken to control  the risk factors involved.
Certifying companies (conform GFSI-standards)  will be well documented with a valid food safety certificate.
Furthermore it is important to request information regarding analysis reports of raw materials and finished products, presuming that the process of control was conform EU-regulation.
This information is by most companies aggregated by:
            -sending of well-known questionnaires regarding general information;
            -requesting actual copies of valid certificates;
            -requesting actual analyse reports

Beside that is is important to:
            -follow the response of parties involved;
            -proving the completeness and integrity of the response
            -maintaining of actual information.
In general, it takes a lot of time to collect and update the information system and specific knowledge is required to asses this information. Normally this is done by a co-operator in addition to his day to day workload.

Experience shows that gathering and updating information is being done once a year, shortly before an audit trail. Interim audits of the NVWA will confront often with non-valid process information.As Suppliers4All we have an automated dbase, with actual validated process information available direct at hand.The only thing you have to do to supply us with the information of your regular suppliers and those in case of expanding or replacing business partners.As consultants and auditors of the GFSI-standards we are well equipped for this process and are able to judge the supplied information at hand.